Northern Iowa Student Government

Budgetary Process Information

By: Dakotah Reed on Sun, 01/23/2011 - 22:14

Things to Do to Prepare for the Budgetary Process:

1. Attend a NISG 2011 Budgetary Process Information Meeting

Tuesday, January 24 & Thursday, January 26

6-7p - State College Room

2. If you cannot attend an Information Meeting, set up an appointment with the NISG Director of Administration and Finance, Dakotah Reed at or call (641) 777-2802. 

3. Thoroughly read through the Contingency/Panther Guidelines.  This will tell you exactly what is funded and not funded by NISG. 

4. Read through the Helpful Tips on preparing the Budget Application. This will also provide the most common reasons for denial by the Organization and Finance Committee.

5. Download the Budget Spreadsheet that will accompany the application. This will also be available throughout the application process. If you have troubles understanding how to utilize the spreadsheet follow the Budget Spreadsheet Instructions for more clarification. 

6. Complete the Budgetary Process Application. Good Luck!!

Budget Spreadsheet Instructions.docx4.99 KB