University of Northern Iowa


Get Involved

Want to get involved in your community? Habitat for Humanity is a great way to help a family in need. Sign up to lend a helping hand.

Meetings: These weekly meetings are where the the exec team gets together with their committee members and discuss the current projects on the table. Any and all volunteers are welcome and will be able to join one of the four committees upon joining Habitat for Humanity. To attend one of these meetings, just show up in CBB 227 on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

Build Days: A group of volunteers works on an actual construction site here in the Cedar Valley. The team usually meets in the morning and is then led to the site by our construction coordinator.

Collegiate Challenge: Collegiate Challenge is an alternative Spring Break program coordinated with chapters all over the country. The event is open to college chapters, and for the week of their spring break, they get to spend that time working with a chapter in a region of their choice. For example, in spring of 2014, our chapter sent several students to Florida to assist the rebuilding of a veteran's home that was destroyed by an electrical fire. Students worked on the frame of the home and set it up to be insulated for the following week. This included putting in new doors, windows, and of course the construction of the frame of the house. The location of the Collegiate Challenge changes every year and is chosen by the chapter.