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Division of Student Affairs

Professional Development

The Importance of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

The Student Affairs Diversity Committee is pleased to announce our next Insights for Effectiveness program entitled "The Importance of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities". View more information and register.

Are We Creating a Welcoming Environment for UNI International Students?

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is pleased to present on Wednesday, October 21 at 3 PM in the Maucker Union Center for Multicultural Education:  A Panel Discussion:  How do we create a welcoming environment for UNI international students?

Chances are international students come to UNI from a culture laced with traditions and family values that differ from mainstream American culture.  Imagine the challenges these students face understanding a different language, rules, routine or expected behaviors.  On a daily basis, international students are adjusting to new ways of saying and doing things.  How do we help them bridge this gap and make their transition as smooth as possible?

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October is Disability Awareness Month

View all of the events in October to celebrate Disability Awareness month.

Affinity Groups

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is pleased to announce the formation of several Affinity Groups. An Affinity Group is a group formed around an shared interest or common goal to which individuals formally or informally belong. An affinity group can last as long as the group is still active or until a specific activity is done. Keep an eye out for new Affinity Groups that you may be interested in joining on our website. If you are interested in joining any of theses groups, please contact the person(s) listed for that group. If you are interested in forming an Affinity Group, please complete the following survey


Online Training for UNI Faculty, Staff and Students

UNI faculty, staff and students have access, through their CatID, to the Online Training Library which contains over 1,100 courses and 66,000 video tutorials for access anytime, anywhere with Internet access. Start using >


Volunteer Opportunities

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Committee Membership

The Professional Development Committee was developed to support and communicate the professional development opportunities for Student Affairs staff. Committee members include:

Co-Chairs: Carol Fletcher and Timothy Klatt
Ashley Brickley Phyllis Beauchamp Renae Carrillo Mary Friedrich
Gabe Gravert Haley Hastenstein Shelley Matthews Anna McGee
Todd Thomas