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Division of Student Affairs

Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award

The Division of Student Affairs annually accepts nominations for and presents worthy recipients with the Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award. Established in 1992, this award commemorates the former division vice president who served the university from 1985-1998, and who modeled the values upon which this award is based.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines exemplary as “serving as a pattern” and “deserving imitation because of excellence.”  The Sue Follon Exemplary Service Award recognizes individuals who are committed to quality and excellence and whose efforts and achievements are worthy of emulation as staff work to carry out the mission of Student Affairs.

“We help students succeed” is the mission of Student Affairs.  Many employees have a direct impact on student success while others make contributions in an indirect manner.  All positions are important in carrying out the division’s mission.  The following criteria will serve as a guide in selecting individuals for this award.

  • Committed to students and the mission of Student Affairs

  • Exceeds expectations

  • Has made continued and sustained contributions to students and/or staff

  • Exhibits a positive influence in the workplace

  • Demonstrates excellence in the performance of responsibilities

Awards are made in two categories: Professional & Scientific Employees and Merit Employees. Nominations are open, and selections are made by the division's department heads and the Vice President, who are ineligible to receive the award.

Past recipients of the award are listed below.

Professional & Scientific Employees

Cathy Wylam, Technology Coordinator in the Department of Residence
Kristi Marchesani, Associate Director for International Recruitment and Admissions

Jenny Connolly, Asst. Director/Outreach, Admissions
Kristin Woods, Asst. Dean of Students/New Student Programs, Office of the Dean of Students

Matt Copp, Assistant Manager of Dining Services, Piazza
Paul Sapp, Admissions Transfer Coordinator, Admissions

Jo Loonan, Associate Director of Admissions, Admissions 
Cathy Moore, Bakery and Commissary Manager, Fresh Beginnings
Mark Rowe-Barth, Associate Director/Student Wellness, WRS Health Education 

Tim Bakula, Associate Director, Financial Aid

Carolyn Young, Manager, Prexy's

Reginald Green, Director of Academic Services
Joan Thompson, Health Educator & Victim Services Advocate, WRS Health Education

Bob Hartman, Associate Director, Department of Residence 

Merit Employees

Henderson Thomas, Custodian II in Noehren Hall
Lynne Lemert, Secretary II in Rider Hall


Tammi Dean, Cleark II, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Andrea Krafka, Cleark III, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Pam MacKay, Record Analyst II, Office of the Registrar

Marilyn Even, Custodian, Campbell Hall, Department of Residence
Shelly Grant, Piazza Food Services Supervisor, Department of Residence
Denise Parks, Clerk III, Financial Aid

Ruther Dixon, Secretary, Bartlett Hall, Department of Residence
Darla Smith, Custodian, Dancer Hall, Department of Residence

Rita Truex, Food Service Supervisor, Fresh Beginnings

Jim Geary, Custodian, Rider Hall, Department of Residence

Diane Damon, Assistant Manager Custodial Services, Residence Facilities Administration

Roxanne Klepper, Secretary III, Residence Hall Program Administration

April Schmiesing, Secretary III, Financial Aid
John Anderson, Building Services Coordinator

Louie Hartman, Secretary II, Hagemann Hall
Jaye Miller, Record Analyst I, Admissions

Cheri McDivitt, Food Service Supervisor, Fresh Beginnings 
Kathy Wyss, Secretary III, Academic Learning Center

Rita Carrillo, Clerk III, Dining Services Administration 
Ruth Heber, Lead Custodian, Dancer Hall, Department of Residence

Linda Chapin, Record Analyst II, Admissions

Marcia Simpson, Secretary II, University Health Services

Deb Gray, Secretary II, Admissions

Linda Olson, Clerk II, Maucker Union Administration

Lillian Danielson, Kitchen Helper II, Department of Residence 

Mary Goodman, Food Service Supervisor, Commons Catering

Nancy Boleyn, Assistant Director of Operations, Student Financial Aid

Judy Dolan, Secretary II, Noehren Hall

Paula Rehahn-Hill, Building Services Coordinator, Department of Residence

Arnie Leininger, Facilities Mechanic II, Department of Residence
Diane Wallace, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office

Cathy Humke, Record Analyst, Registrar's Office
Andrea Stallman, Secretary II, Bender Hall, Department of Residence