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Wed, December 15, 2010 10:28am


The EDMAP program trains the next generation of geologic mappers by providing grant funds to colleges and universities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The program, which contributes to national efforts to geologically map the entire U.S., works with universities to help graduate and upper-level undergraduate students gain experience and knowledge in geologic mapping.

"Geology professors, who are skilled in geologic mapping, request EDMAP funding to support students at their college or university in a one-year mentored geologic mapping project that focuses on a specific geographic area," said Chad Heinzel, assistant professor of earth science and advisor of the UNI EDMAP program.

The EDMAP program works with the Iowa Geologic Survey to survey the state of Iowa. The program is currently available at 144 universities throughout the nation, engaging more than 850 students.

The UNI EDMAP program has produced two surficial geological (glacial sediments) maps in the Waverly and Readlyn, Iowa, areas; a project is currently underway in the Dunkerton area. The primary purpose of creating these new northeast Iowa maps is to gather data that will lead to county-specific land use planning tools for Bremer and Black Hawk counties and area farmers.