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Fri, July 23, 2010 11:56am

Iowa-Teach www.iowamathscience.org/i-teach/ * Looking for adventure? * Interested in making a meaningful impact? * Like kids? * Love math or science? * Want to explore the math or science teaching profession? If your answer is yes, then join the Iowa-Teach Mathematics and Science Seminar this semester. Iowa-Teach is a program of Iowa’s Regent universities (University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Iowa), in partnership with Iowa community colleges and private colleges, to boost the number and diversity of Iowa math and science teachers. * Iowa faces a math and science teacher shortage crisis. * Most of the challenges and opportunities to thrive in the 21st century call for science and math-savvy citizens. * Iowa’s economy is increasingly reliant on math and science-skilled workers. * Today’s kids mistakenly think math and science aren’t critical to their futures. * There is no greater factor in the success of learners than their teacher.