Lawrence Escalada

Associate Prof. of Physics and Science Ed.

Dr. Escalada's research interests are in the fields of physics and science education. As an educator and researcher, he has focused on making science, especially physics, more accessible and relevant to all students while at the same time increasing the quality of teaching and learning the subject. He has adopted the equitable and effective integration of technology with activity-based, student centered instructional strategies in the courses he teaches as well as the instructional materials he develops. His emphasis is in developing and evaluating high school activity-based physics and physical science curricula that utilize inexpensive materials and interactive instructional technologies to develop proficiency in science inquiry and reasoning skills and to develop and reinforce conceptual understanding of the topics being introduced for all students especially those students who do not have strong backgrounds in mathematics and science. He also has research interests in using innovative curricula and instructional strategies as a means to improve the science education of culturally and linguistically diverse students and to provide professional development for inservice science teachers especially for those who are under prepared in the teaching of of physics/physical science and who are teaching out of their subject area. His research in curriculum and professional development in physics education has been recently expanded to include Grades PreK-12th.