Jeffery Weld

Chad Heinzel
Associate Prof. of Biology & IMSEP Director

Director of the Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership, the state appropriated STEM education initiative of Iowa's Regent Universities led by the University of Northern Iowa. Formerly an associate professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Northern Iowa where he designed and implemented the Natural History Interpretation program while conducting scholarly work on exemplary teaching and learning, Jeff brought a half millions dollars in grants to the biology department and in 2007 was named the USA's college biology teacher of the year by the National Association of Biology Teachers. He has authored more than fifty research articles, essays, and book chapters, along with the popular textbook The Game of Science Education published in 2004. Jeffrey is past President of the Iowa Science Teachers and of UNI's chapter of Sigma Xi — the scientific research society. Now in his third year as Director, Jeff writes, reads, speaks, leads, and collaborates at both the state and national levels in constant pursuit of excellent, equitable STEM education for all.