Dawn Del Carlo

Chad Heinzel
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bio. Chem., and Science Education

Research Interests There are two basic areas of research I am involved in: 1. My primary interest is in how students at all levels approach data acquisition in their chemistry laboratory classes. More specifically, how do students approach an experiment, what are their views toward that experiment, and how do their views affect their approach and data analysis. These issues can be directly related to students perceptions of academic dishonesty in the classroom laboratory. 2. Closely related to the first topic, is my second interest in how students' perceptions of laboratory work (both in the classroom and in the research lab) are influenced by the social interactions that occur in the laboratory setting. This includes interactions among group members, professors, and mentors leading to a "community of learners". Most recently this line of research has been expanded to include the research experiences of in-service teachers participating in the RAISE program.