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John Groves, left UNI to pursue STEM in the private industry.

Certainly is true @ UNI, and we wounder why STEM is suffering :- 

Universities 'dropping science in favor of media studies'  


How can we expect to further STEM education in Iowa if we limit opportunties for our students? What do you think? 


If anyone is interested in reading my thoughts on STEM ed., please let me know... I'm not sure if anyone is using this feature...




Heinzel and Bowman

IMSEP day at the Iowa State Capitol was an eye opening experience being able to get at least a little insight into how our political system works was helpful.  It certainly seemed that the majority of politicians who were willing to speak with us in were newly elected. 


Check out this link/blog... If you have time watch the video!

Please let me know what you think!

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