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Alison Beharka Assistant Professor of Teaching and Price Lab School Educator University of Northern Iowa and Price Lab School 319-273-6466 This project involves a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) after school club for upper elementary and middle school students to be located at Price Laboratory School (PLS). High school students and University of Northern Iowa (UNI) undergraduate teaching majors will be recruited as assistant teachers. The goals of this program will be to: 1) Inspire and motivate students to pursue knowledge and ultimately careers STEM or the education of students in these areas, 2) Provide a venue for authentic experiences and professional development and 3) Utilize the internet to disseminate what we...

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The UNI Physics Department is home to a highly successful Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS) program – a high school physics curriculum and professional development that utilizes a learning cycle pedagogy (  The PRISMS curriculum and learning cycle pedagogy have been used extensively in teacher preparation and professional development.  PRISMS originated here in 1982 under the leadership of Roy Unruh and Tim Cooney.  The original PRISMS materials were a collection of 130 high interest activities related to the real-life experiences of high school physics students designed to develop student conceptual...

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BIOMES (Biology Instructional Opportunities for Motivating Every Student) is a high school biology curriculum containing over 120 labs and activities. The activities and labs make strong and creative connections to everyday life. The activities employ the learning cycle as the instructional strategy.

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Jody Stone & Lyn Countryman - Assoc. Professors of Teaching & Science Education - University of Northern Iowa, 319-273-6466

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Geology, teachers



  • Processes at work in the formation and shape of the landscape and the sediments beneath the surface
  • Environments past and present of the landscape and the subsurface
  • Rocks, minerals, and fossils in the geological record
  • Collection and classification of rocks, minerals, and fossils


  • Stratigraphy, sedimentation,...
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IPTIR is a 3 year professional development program funded by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa and Title II A (of the No Child Left Behind Act) in collaboration with Science Education faculty from the UNI Price Laboratory School, master teachers, and Area Education Agencies to prepare more high-quality high school physics teachers for Iowa schools and to improve the performance of their students.  The IPTIR program currently targets a cohort of 31 existing high school physics teachers and secondary science teachers all over the state of Iowa many of whom are completing the requirements necessary for the State of Iowa Grades 5-12 physics teaching endorsement.   Participants have access to classroom physics resources...