Speakers Bureau


PCI DSS Compliance

A summary of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) required of all merchants accepting credit cards as payment and discuss the required effort it takes for UNI to be PCI DSS compliant.  Eric can be as technical or as general as the audience requests.  This is a very large topic, so it can be broken down into specific subsections of the PCI DSS standard as well.

Personal Computer Security

An overview of basic, simple things people can do to keep their personal computers and data safe, with an emphasis on malware prevention, identity theft, and online safety.  This presentation can be adjusted to the needs of the audience, for example, if talking to parents Eric can talk about ways to filter and control internet access.

Social Media

What's all the chatter about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media tools? Are they right for your business or organization?

Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act

The potential impact on consumers and libraries.


Collaborative Information Filtering - Explanation of recommence systems, the latest advances in the field, their use in e-commerce, and why people should care or be interested.

Computer Science

Discussions include software design, artificial intelligence and computer programming.

Power Quality in Industrial and Power Utility Environments, and Harmonics in Power Systems

"Electrical pollution," called harmonics, play a crucial role in industry and electrical systems. Investigation and reduction of harmonics in power systems may reduce a number of malfunctions and damages in industrial and power systems. Learn how UNI's Electrical and Information Engineering Technology Program may investigate local and regional industries to determine harmonic pollution in their plants.

Designing Web Sites with the User in Mind

A multimedia presentation on how to design web sites that are user-friendly. The presentation covers the elements needed in a successful web site, and examples of good and bad design.

Debunking Urban Legends on the Internet

They take on a life of their own on the Internet - urban legends, virus hoaxes, chain letters - and they clog our e-mail in boxes and servers. Learn how to spot a likely hoax or urban legend, and resources for debunking them.

Telecommunications: Technical & Managerial

Discussion on the technical, operational and managerial aspects of a telecommunications environment within corporations, universities and other businesses and organizations.

Telecommunications: Legislative & Regulatory

Topics range from state legislative & regulatory issues to federal & international issues regarding telecommunication legislation & regulation.

Are You Using Available Media Resources Effectively?

Presentation is geared toward community organizations and arts groups who have occasional needs to promote their activities. Focus is on maximizing opportunities for all forms of communication.