Speakers Bureau


The Islamic Religion and Traditions

-Brief representation of Islamic concepts, traditions, laws, etc.

-Raising awareness of Islam in our communities

-Dispelling misconceptions and mis-information about Islam

-Promoting interfaith communication and activities

-Promoting tolerance for others with different views, religions, cultural backgrounds, etc.


Literature and the Bible

Christian leaders and educators are concerned that children have no interest in the Bible and do not know its content. This presentation shows how literature can be used to lead children to the lessons and stories of the bible. Excerpts from popular children's literature titles will be used to demonstrate how lessons of the Christian faith are woven into stories and can be used as a teaching tool for faith formation. Additionally, speaker can present her book "A Parent's Guide to Harry Potter" and offer it for purchase and signing.

Research on Prayer and Patient Outcomes

There is little doubt that, under many circumstances, prayer can improve patient outcomes. But is this due to the intercessory power of prayer, or is it due to a form of placebo effect. In other words, does the person get better simply because they believe prayer helps? Presenter reviews the issues and the research on prayer and patient outcomes.

Holocaust Remembrance

Explores the speaker's identity as a child of Holocaust survivors and the effects of the Holocaust on contemporary Jewish identities.