Speakers Bureau


Media and Public Opinion

This presentation will discuss the relationship between the press and public opinion on important issues, and particularly the impact of new media technology on this relationship

Campaigns of Elections

Justin will provide analysis of current campaigns and elections, or commentary on general trends in politicking

Public Budgeting

Public budgeting is perhaps the most contentious element of government decision-making. It's when everyone's priorities are revealed and it can be difficult to find common ground. The issue involves tax policy as much as it does spending decisions, which makes it all the more difficult to craft an acceptable budget. Licari has taught courses on public budgeting for over a decade, and has chaired many research panels on the issue.

Public Health Policy

Public health challenges exist locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally. These range from the flu to food safety, from smoking to STDs. The spread of disease is often something that can be prevented through proper tracking, policy safeguards, and personal responsibility. The trick is that success requires cooperation among individuals, governments, and health professionals. Licari is an expert in public health policy, particularly on the issue of smoking and health.

US "War on Terror"

The politics and strategy of the "war on terror" broadly defined, or specific to cases such as Iraq, Afghanistan, or other.

National Missile Defense

Explains the science behind the Bush Administration's National Missile Defense program. Shows the NMD faces serious and fundamental technical obstacles. Discussion of policy decision to abandon international treaties on NMD grounds.

Political Debates

Debates and Democracy: Understanding the function of political debates.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Caring for Patients from Another Culture

What obligations does a physician have when caring for a patient whose culture is fundamentally different than our own? What obligations do physicians have in providing medical translators? If dealing with a culture which believes that a patient should not be told when terminal, how can physicians negotiate this conflict? Presenter explores these issues using cases drawn from Bosnian immigrants.