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Team Building

Team Building activities

Life's P's-Passion/Pride/Perseverance

A talk about the three P's of life and how each one affects us each day.

Making Every Day Count

A talk about three concepts of life. Having a positive attitude, your work ethic and the role it plays in who people think you are, having passion in life, and how important this becomes in your development as a person.

Working From and Against Privilege

How to motivate people to become more involved in social justice issues, not always affecting them. Information includes developing consciousness and raising activism on social justice issues as a positive aspect on one's identity.

Power of Choice

The power of choice is a strong force in people's lives; one that is often unused. Through humor, personal examples, inspiration and audience involvement, the power of choice is explored and the effects on attitudes and behavior are discussed.


How to be optimistic and think positively to achieve happiness and peace in daily living.

Positive Fathering

This session examines our cultural expectations of men and the reasons for them, probing how these lead to gender stereotypes, social roles and biases that often limit men in their roles as fathers. It examines ways of eliminating societal and personal barriers to effective fathering, so that men and their children, as well as their partners, can have more positive, fulfilling and nurturing experiences with each other.

Inspiration and Motivation

Upbeat presentation to inspire and motivate individuals in a number of areas. Speaker can address many topics.

Everyday Presentation Skills for Everyday Life

This workshop is a must for anyone who spends any amount of time talking to others. Whether you are disseminating information or selling a product, delivering a formal presentation or having an informal conversation, "Everyday Presentation Skills" will teach you how to say what you think and get what you want.

Team Leadership

Presented by David Else

Women, Work, and Weight Loss

Motivational speech on how to lose & maintain weight for a healthy, happy lifestyle.


Motivational presentation for educators to achieve success in the classroom and in professional development.

Team Building 101

Presented by David Else

Communicating Effectively in Today's Corporate Culture

Session addresses skills needed by managers and employees in the 21st Century.