Speakers Bureau


Literature and the Bible

Christian leaders and educators are concerned that children have no interest in the Bible and do not know its content. This presentation shows how literature can be used to lead children to the lessons and stories of the bible. Excerpts from popular children's literature titles will be used to demonstrate how lessons of the Christian faith are woven into stories and can be used as a teaching tool for faith formation. Additionally, speaker can present her book "A Parent's Guide to Harry Potter" and offer it for purchase and signing.

Who is Bennett Cerf and Why Do You Care What He Thinks

This is a talk about reading great literature for pleasure.  Dr. Shaw joins the audience for a quirky romp through some great books that he loves, and some that he absolutely can't stand.  The audience will leave with the feeling that reading classic novels isn't just something that English teachers do, but that classic novels belong to all of us.

Literature and Cultural Studies

What is the place of the burgeoning field of Cultural Studies in the field of literature, and how do these fields complement each other? By bridging the gap between literary study and "real life," what does Cultural Studies have to say to us about our own experiences in the world?