Speakers Bureau


The Galapagos Islands

The geography, history, and biology of the Galapagos Islands provides an exciting backdrop for Darwin's development of his theory of evolution.

Middle East: history and contemporary issues

-Middle East recent historical events

-Analysis of Middle East cultural practices

-Special emphasis on Egypt's recent history and culture

-Arabic/Islamic cultural issues

-Recent conflicts and issues in the Middle East

Mark Family Murders

The Mark murder case; details, trial, outcome, implications.

Gender, Race, and Equality

Emphasis on how men and whites can engage in anti-racist and anti-sexist activism. The promises and problems of male and white anti-racist and anti-sexist identities.

Cultural Practices of Head Modification

Issues of artificial head molding practices among various cultures around the world, and the contemporary correlates.

Holocaust Remembrance

Explores the speaker's identity as a child of Holocaust survivors and the effects of the Holocaust on contemporary Jewish identities.