Speakers Bureau

Cultural Studies

Welcoming New Iowans - A Guide for Citizens and Communities

Discussion of immigration and the need for new workers in Iowa. Addresses three key issues related to immigration: language, health, education. Presentation offers advice for community leaders on how to handle change associated with immigration issues.

Restorative Justice

Speaker discusses a form of justice known to Native American and adopted in many states. Restorative justice brings together victim, offender, and the community when a wrongdoing has been committed to restore justice. THE DEATH PENALTY. Murder-suicide.

Problems of Translation

Successful translation requires more than simply putting the words of one language into another. Matters of style, connotation, structure, and culture must all be taken into account. If not, "Got milk?" in Spanish becomes "Are you lactating?"


The role of museums as a forum for discussions of world culture, cultural diversity, and tolerance. Understanding humans of the world through the nonverbal communication of material culture. The value of museums in supporting lifelong learning and quality of life.

Literature and Cultural Studies

What is the place of the burgeoning field of Cultural Studies in the field of literature, and how do these fields complement each other? By bridging the gap between literary study and "real life," what does Cultural Studies have to say to us about our own experiences in the world?

Gender, Race, and Equality

Emphasis on how men and whites can engage in anti-racist and anti-sexist activism. The promises and problems of male and white anti-racist and anti-sexist identities.

Death Perception: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

A review of forensic anthropological investigative techniques and methods, with associated case studies and applications.

Ethics, Politics, and Economics in Health Care Systems

Despite spending nearly 50 percent more per capita than any other nation, the U.S. health care system consistently ranks near last among major industrialized nations in terms of nearly all global measures of access and effectiveness. Why? What can be done to both decrease costs and increase effectiveness? There are two versions of this talk. One focuses on the U.S. and Canada, the other examines characteristics of multiple care systems.

Cultural Practices of Head Modification

Issues of artificial head molding practices among various cultures around the world, and the contemporary correlates.

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Using real-life cases such as the Challenger Disaster, analyzes the factors at the individual/psychological, social psychological, organizational, and societal levels that lead "good" people to participate in unethical actions.

The Psychology of Interpersonal Forgiveness: What is it, What it is Not, and How to Forgive

Educating people on forgiveness, what it is, what it is not, how to go about forgiving and how it could be healing for people.

Physical Attractiveness and Romantic Relationships

A summary of social psychological research on factors that cause people to be initially attracted to potential romantic partners.

Language Learning: By English Speakers & By Speakers of Other Languages

The social and cultural conditions under which children and adults learn languages.

The Structure and Use of Language

Discussion on language policy and attitudes toward languages in the United States and worldwide.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Differing ideas about politeness and communication can cause misunderstanding between members of different cultures. Presentation also includes ideas for more successful communication.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Caring for Patients from Another Culture

What obligations does a physician have when caring for a patient whose culture is fundamentally different than our own? What obligations do physicians have in providing medical translators? If dealing with a culture which believes that a patient should not be told when terminal, how can physicians negotiate this conflict? Presenter explores these issues using cases drawn from Bosnian immigrants.