Speakers Bureau


Effective Media Relations

How to work with local, regional and national media to tell your organization's story. The presentation will cover the basics of how to write an effective news release.

Designing Web Sites with the User in Mind

A multimedia presentation on how to design web sites that are user-friendly. The presentation covers the elements needed in a successful web site, and examples of good and bad design.

Debunking Urban Legends on the Internet

They take on a life of their own on the Internet - urban legends, virus hoaxes, chain letters - and they clog our e-mail in boxes and servers. Learn how to spot a likely hoax or urban legend, and resources for debunking them.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Differing ideas about politeness and communication can cause misunderstanding between members of different cultures. Presentation also includes ideas for more successful communication.

Attitude Change and Social Influence

A summary of research on how attitudes are formed and change over time, with implications for prevention programs.


Argument in an off key: Understanding the variety and dynamics of argument as a decision making process.

Dissent and Whistleblowing

Presenter can talk on various aspects of this topic, for example, types of dissenters, stages in a decision to dissent, characteristics of whistle blowers, importance of dissent for organizations and society, principled and unprincipled dissent.

Immigrants and Language

Large numbers of people immigrate every year to the U.S. The diversity of languages that these immigrants speak has an impact on local communities and schools, and contrary to popular opinion, immigrants are actually learning English at faster and faster rates. What are the implications for all the members of these communities, including monolingual English speakers?

Official English Legislation

Different states (including Iowa) have made English their official language, and there is an ongoing movement to make English the official language of the United States. Discussions on this topic go back to the framing of the Constitution, and there are cogent arguments both for and against making English our official language.

Team Building 101

Presented by David Else

Effective Communication

Presented by David Else

The Write Impression: Resumés

The UNI Career Services works directly with hiring employers and reviews thousands of resumes each year. Most resume writers emphasize the tasks they have completed - employers want to see the skills you gained. Join Career Services as we explore what it takes to make the "Write Impression".

Using Symbols to Manage and Change Organizational Culture

Session discusses the types of symbols (stories, rituals, etc.) that may be used to more effectively manage organizations and/or facilitate change.

Telecommunications: Technical & Managerial

Discussion on the technical, operational and managerial aspects of a telecommunications environment within corporations, universities and other businesses and organizations.

Telecommunications: Legislative & Regulatory

Topics range from state legislative & regulatory issues to federal & international issues regarding telecommunication legislation & regulation.

Public Relations: Where Does it Hurt? A Diagnostic Model for Client, Account and Issues Management

Presentation uses the physician/patient model as an analogy for public relations counseling and practice. This presentation is especially geared towards issues and crises management, new practitioners and students.

Marketing Education

Intended for superintendents and principals. A fast-paced how-to approach to maintaining and increasing your market share.

Crisis Management

A "real-world," "how-to" approach to developing and implementing a crisis communication plan that works. This approach works for any size business or organization. When a crisis hits, it's too late to figure out what to do; you need to know ahead of time.

Communicating Effectively in Today's Corporate Culture

Session addresses skills needed by managers and employees in the 21st Century.

Communication Management

Healthy business communication involves balancing the very different aspects of written and oral communication.

Are You Using Available Media Resources Effectively?

Presentation is geared toward community organizations and arts groups who have occasional needs to promote their activities. Focus is on maximizing opportunities for all forms of communication.

Basic Financial Planning and Family Communication

Review of the elements for developing a found financial plan and carrying on a fruitful discussion among family members about financial planning topics.