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Everything You Wanted to Know About Employee Engagement

This free 20 minute presentation for organizational and community members answers the big questions about employee engagement: What is it, when does it happen, and how can organization's develop it? Audience members will participate in describing the engaged employee and discussing concrete ideas to promote engagement. Participants will develop a better understanding of engagement within their organization. 

Adam Butler is an Industrial-Organization Psychologist (Ph.D., University of Nebraska), an award winning professor, and head to the Department of Psychology at the University of Northern Iowa where he directs the Workforce Consulting Group. He currently serves on the editorial board of the "Journal of Occupational Healthy Psychology." He has consulted for private, public, and nonprofit organizations. 

Call, Click, or Chat: Free Business Assistance!

Entrepreneurs in Iowa have long told us that finding help to start or expand their business is very difficult. From business intelligence and market research to connecting with service providers or their peers, entrepreneurs have asked for a simpler way to connect. With IASourceLink, a new collaboratively driven web portal, Iowa small business owners can access a variety of resources at no charge to help them start or grow their business. Included in this presentation is a tour of the IASourceLink site and an in-depth overview of our most popular service- the Iowa Business Concierge.

Time Savers, $$ Makers and Friend Creators: New Technology Tools

This presentation covers technologies that you can put to work in your business now! These applications and tools will save you time, streamline your operations, and boost your bottom line. Also included is an overview of some of the best free Google applications on the market, and how you can leverage them to make web surfing, e-mail, website analytics, and internet monitoring easy!

Social Media Marketing for Iowa Business Owners

In many ways, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become as important as having a website for your online marketing efforts. Through these channels you can promote events, engage with customers, connect with new markets, become easier to find by search engines, and increase sales- even globally- all for free!

Retirement Planning

A presentation explaining to younger employees the importance of planning for retirement.

Urban Neighborhood and Business Districts

A presentation on the College Hill Partnership and how they are working to enhance economic development while also focusing on developing the residential area.

Some Perspectives on the Actuarial Adequacy of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation provides coverage protecting millions of Americans that are covered under defined pension benefit plans.  Presently, PBGC is underfunded and will need to raise additional funds either through higher premiums or it's line of credit with the Treasury to shore up the shortfall.   This presentation will explore what are the options to PBGC and the challenges in relation to current economic conditions.

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae: Dangers of Using Derivatives in the Secondary Mortgage Markets

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are quasi governmental institutions that were designed to serve the mortgage markets in order to improving housing affordability in the US.   Over the past decade the indiscriminate use of financial derivatives greatly contributed to the downfall of these governmental units and the financial markets.  This presentation explores what lessons should have been learned from the earlier S&L crisis and what needs to be done to prevent further problems with derivatives and financial institutions.

Global Networking

Based on a presentation for the IATTO conference- discusses how innovations impact business relationships.

Using Symbols to Manage and Change Organizational Culture

Session discusses the types of symbols (stories, rituals, etc.) that may be used to more effectively manage organizations and/or facilitate change.

Telecommunications: Technical & Managerial

Discussion on the technical, operational and managerial aspects of a telecommunications environment within corporations, universities and other businesses and organizations.

Telecommunications: Legislative & Regulatory

Topics range from state legislative & regulatory issues to federal & international issues regarding telecommunication legislation & regulation.

Real Estate

Many topics related to real estate, the industry and markets.

Public Relations: Where Does it Hurt? A Diagnostic Model for Client, Account and Issues Management

Presentation uses the physician/patient model as an analogy for public relations counseling and practice. This presentation is especially geared towards issues and crises management, new practitioners and students.

Marketing Education

Intended for superintendents and principals. A fast-paced how-to approach to maintaining and increasing your market share.

Industry and the Consumer

General presentations about real estate, insurance and financial planning.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Caring for Patients from Another Culture

What obligations does a physician have when caring for a patient whose culture is fundamentally different than our own? What obligations do physicians have in providing medical translators? If dealing with a culture which believes that a patient should not be told when terminal, how can physicians negotiate this conflict? Presenter explores these issues using cases drawn from Bosnian immigrants.

Crisis Management

A "real-world," "how-to" approach to developing and implementing a crisis communication plan that works. This approach works for any size business or organization. When a crisis hits, it's too late to figure out what to do; you need to know ahead of time.

Communicating Effectively in Today's Corporate Culture

Session addresses skills needed by managers and employees in the 21st Century.

Communication Management

Healthy business communication involves balancing the very different aspects of written and oral communication.

Are You Using Available Media Resources Effectively?

Presentation is geared toward community organizations and arts groups who have occasional needs to promote their activities. Focus is on maximizing opportunities for all forms of communication.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Identifies strategies that organizations and individuals can use to achieve work-life balance.

Basic Financial Planning and Family Communication

Review of the elements for developing a found financial plan and carrying on a fruitful discussion among family members about financial planning topics.

Integration of Retirement and Estate Planning

Basic concepts for accumulating retirement funds and incorporating an estate planning process that will preserve retirement income to retirees.

Investing Basics and Approaches to Developing a Set of Investment Guidelines

Fundamental principles for evaluating and deciding on a suitable investment, basic ideas about investment diversification, 5 myths of investing and how to create a set of investment guidelines.

Managing Your Workday

Presented by David Else