What is the State and Local Government Program?
The SLGP is a program supported by the Political Science department and designed to serve and teach students at the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa’s government officials, non-profit organizations, and the general public. We provide applied coursework to our public administration undergraduate and public policy graduate students. We also hope to serve as a resources for state and local government officials in Iowa. The philosophy of the program is one of public service. The faculty and students involved volunteer their time, and services are provided free of charge or at minimal cost.

Are there similar programs in other states?
Other similar programs and institutes of governments exist across the nation. Visit our selected list of similar organizations on our links page.

Who attends Program courses?
The SLGP is working with state and local government associations to identify training needs related to various current issues. We hope to include sessions specific to the needs of city and county managers, elected officials, finance officers, planning officers, personnel managers, and school board members, among others. We invite input from the government and non-profit community on current issues it would like to see addressed.

Who works for the SLGP?
The SLGP is housed within the Department of Political Science, and all public administration and public policy faculty serve on the advisory board. The Program is also open to all members of the UNI community. Faculty expertise includes areas such as public administration and policy, research methods, public budgeting, and local government.

What resources are available to me through the Program?
The SLGP is working to provide various services to elected officials and staff members of government organizations. Our faculty is available to provide research, consulting, and training assistance. In most cases, assistance is offered at little or no cost. Our links page also provides links to various city, county, state, and federal agencies and associations that can be of assistance to you. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

How is the SLGP tied to the University’s academic program?
The Program works closely with the University’s undergraduate Public Administration Program and graduate Public Policy program. In addition to providing involved hands-on training in these fields through internships, service projects, and research opportunities, the SLPG works to link current students with public sector professionals throughout the state for networking, mentoring, and experience.

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