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Faculty Senate

Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Update and Discussion of Spending Priorities

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Present such facts as are needed to establish the importance of the problem your petition addresses and to indicate its present status: 

Under Section 5.3 of the Senate's bylaws, "The Senate acts for the faculty in making provision for informal consultation with the officers of administration, including the academic deans, but particularly with the President of the university and the Vice-President and Provost."

Clearly indicate the action you wish the Senate to take relative to your petition, beginning with the phrase, "Therefore, be it resolved....": 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate hold a consultative session with Provost Gibson, who will inform the Senate of the Academic Affairs preliminary budget for FY 13 and seek the Senate's advice about spending priorities in FY 13 and beyond. 

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No further action taken.
Meeting Date: 
Jun 11, 2012