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The Northern Iowa Student Government believes the week before finals is currently very stressful and much studying already takes place for students.  To relieve the stress and provide time for students to study for final the Northern Iowa Student Government passed a resolution for the last class day of each semester to be free of any tests, papers due, or any new materials.

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BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: The Northern Iowa Student Government Senate recommends that faculty at UNI allow students the last class day of each semester, excluding night classes and lab classes, to prepare for their finals without the added stress of papers, tests, or new material to study.

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Report of EPC on Dead Day Resolution

The EPC has discussed the NISG proposal and believes that UNI's current policy is sufficient.  The EPC therefore recommends no change to existing policy. 

Therefore, be it resolved that the Senate receive the EPC's recommendation.

Furthermore, be it resolved that the Senate docket this item out of regular order, to be discussed at the November 26th meeting.

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Nov 26, 2012