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Pretenure Fellowship Symposium, tentatively scheduled for October 15, 2014. Sponsored by the Office of the Provost.  More details forthcoming.

ICPSR Data Fair 2014 - webinars will be held throughout the week of October 6th - obtain info about using the datasets they have, how to store and manage data, and more.

Past Activities

2013-14 UNI Internal Grants Competition
2013-14 UNI Internal Grant Competition Awardees


Past Conferences and Workshops

Claremont Evaluation Center Annual Evaluation Workshop Series 2014

Campus Connexus 2013

Creative University 2013

Ethics in Organizations Symposium 2013

Ethics in Scholarship for Graduate Students 2013

Research Symposium 2009

Research Symposium 2011

Research Symposium 2013


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Research Areas of Interest

Community Health & Welfare

Energy & the Environment


Renewable Energy at UNI - Wind, Solar, Biomass

Teaching & Learning

Research Ethics and Compliance - See: Research Compliance


GeoTREE Consulting

InterUniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research - UNI has a subscription provided by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Contact for further information.  

Interdisciplinary Research - What is it? 

Graduate College Research Awards 

Grants - Internal 

Grants - External

Methods Training for Social-Behavioral Researchers

Qualtrics online survey software - UNI has a subscription.  Contact to obtain access

Secondary Data Sets

Student Research Presentation Events & Opportunities