Institutional Review Board Members

Clohesy, Dr. William W. -- UNI Philosophy & World Religions (2008-2014)

Crew, B. Keith - UNI Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology (2011--2013) (Alternate)

Degnin, Dr. Francis D. -- UNI Philosophy & World Religions (2011-2013) (Alternate)

Etscheidt, Dr. Susan K. -- UNI Special Education (2009-2015)

Evans, Dr. Todd -- UNI HPELS-Athletic Training (2009-2015)

Goodson, David, M.S.W. -- Prisoner Advocate (2011-2013) (Alternate)

Gordon, Anita, M.S.W. -- UNI IRB Administrator (Ongoing)

Harton, Dr. Helen C. -- UNI Psychology (2007-2013) (Chair)

Larimer, Christopher -- UNI Political Sciences (2011-2013)

Morck, Robert - Prisoner Advocate, Community Member (2011-2014)

Roth, Dr. Ronald R. -- Community Member (2008-2014)

Stalp, Dr. Marybeth -- UNI Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology (2011-2013)

IRB Guidebook mandates at least one IRB member from a “scientific perspective”, one IRB member from a “nonscientific perspective”, and one IRB member not affiliated with the University of Northern Iowa.