Forms & Documents

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Preparing a proposal

Project Concept Form

Institutional Information for Proposals

NSF FastLane Registration Form

Standard Grant/Contract Cover Page


Budget Templates

Indirect Cost (Facilities & Administrative Cost) Rate Agreement - Effective 7/1/2013-6/30/2017

Matching Funds Request Form

Submitting a grant or contract


F&A Policy  or F&A Reduction Request Form

Proposal Routing and Approval Form (PRAF)

Management of Conflicts of Interest in Projects with External Funding (Disclosure Form)

Public Health Service Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy

Public Health Service Financial Conflicts of Interest form 

Subaward Endorsement Letter TO UNI

Subaward Endorsement Letter FROM UNI

Tax Status Letter - Internal Revenue Service


Requesting a provisional account

Provisional Account Authorization Form

Reporting Cost Share

Cost Share Worksheet

Closing out a grant or contract

Final Accounting Worksheets

Final Accounting Instructions

Export Controls

Export Controls Management Plan

UNI Personnel Export Control Screening Form (ECF-1)

Human Subjects - IRB
Application Forms

Standard Application for Human Participants Review
Application for Review of Survey Project
Application for Use of Existing Data

Other Forms

Renewal and Closure Form - Updated 06/29/11

Informed Consent Checklist

Sample Consent Form-Adults

Sample Permission Form-Parents

Sample Assent Forms-Children and Teens 

Sample Consent Cover Letter (use only when separate consent documentation is waived by the IRB)

Sample Formal Letter of Cooperation

Sample Informal (Email) Letter of Cooperation

UNI Problem Reporting Form (use when reporting unanticipated problems and events)

Intellectual Property

Disclosure Form

Incentive Funds

Incentive Funds

Technology Transfer

UNI Corporate Research and Development Agreement
UNI Corporate Research Services Agreement

Summer PAF

Faculty Declaration Form