In Celebration of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity


Congratulations to the following UNI faculty/staff who were awarded FY 14 funding:


Heather Olsen $547,060 for "National Program for Playground Safety Online Training for the Department of Defense" from the US Department of Defense

Christopher Edginton $838,785 for "Camp Adventure" from the US Department of Defense

Paul Shand $5,000 for "John Deere/UNI Physics Student Employment Partnership" from Deere and Company

Richard Klein $96,500 for "Spray Technique Analysis and Research for Defense Certification" from Leidos, Inc.

Troy Dannen and Greg Davies $500,000 for "UNI-Dome Scoreboards Project" from the Black Hawk County Gaming Association

Carole Yates and Jack Yates $13,500 for "Rural Voices for Climate Action" from the Center for Rural Affairs

Myrna Johnson $9,398 for "KUNI Radio Community Service Grant" from Corp for Public Broadcasting

Reinier Hesselink $1,000 for Translation of the Rise and Fall of Christian Nagasaki 1560-1640" from the University of Waterloo

Rachel Wobeter $25,992 for "Market Development and Logistics for Local Food Distribution in the Cedar Valley" from Iowa State University

Andrey Petrov $155,090 for "Partial Support for the Eighth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) from the National Science Foundation

Susan Salterberg $10,994 for "Reclaim Your Holidays Trainer Tools - REAP" from the Iowa DNR

Susan Salterberg $19,910 for "Helping Students Protect the Environment and Live Well - REAP" from the Iowa DNR

Jeffrey Tamplin $59,358 for "Upper Midwest Riverine Turtle Habitat" from the Iowa DNR

Mary Losch and Erin Heiden $135,085 for "Iowa DOT Teen Driving (phone) App Evaluation Project" from the Iowa DNR

Dan Nickey $48,978 for "Compressed Air Leak Management Assistance Program" from Iowa Economic Authority

Dan Beenken $29,587 for "Establish and Operate the University of Northern Iowa Small Business Development Center FY-14 funding" from Iowa State University

Theresa Camilli $2,800 for "Northern Iowa School of Music" from the City of Cedar Falls

Megan Balong $1,650 for "Criteria Task Team for the Iowa Core Resources Project" from the Iowa Dept of Ed

Rebecca Kauten $31,030 for "Establishing Strategies for a Transportation MS4 - Phase 1" from Iowa DOT

Gene Lutz and Mary Losch $376,376 for "Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey 2014" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

Mohammad Iqbal $85,000 for "Distribution, Transport and Biogeochemical Transformation of Agriculturally Derived Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Cedar River Watershed" from Iowa State University

Andrew Conrad $20,000 for "Reemployment Connections Focus Groups" from Iowa Workforce Development

Andrew Conrad $20,550 for "Laborshed Survey Sampling and Technical Assistance to IWD Staff" from Iowa Workforce Development

Andrey Petrov $749,875 for "RCN-SEES Arctic-FROST: Arctic Frontiers of Sustainability, Resources, Societies, Environments and Development in the Changing North" from National Science Foundation

Donna Vinton $1,000 for "Celebrating, Sustaining and Enhancing Community Engagement at UNI" from Association of American Colleges and Universities

Kamyar Enshayan $7,500 for "A Community Food Assessment for Black Hawk County" from Black Hawk County Health Department

Randy Pilkington $475,000 for "Technology Transfer, Business Incubation and Advanced Manufacturing" from Board of Regents

Randy Pilkington $125,000 for "Regional Development" from Board of Regents

Maureen Collings-Williams $200,000 for "MyEntreNet and Entrepreneurship Outreach" from Board of Regents

Ron Padavich $100,000 for "Competitive Intelligence and Market Research" from Board of Regents

Paul Meyermann $8,365 for "UNI Soil Quality Restoration Project" from Iowa Dept of Ag & Land Stewardship

Greg Houseal $5,000 for "Milkweed Seed Production" from Iowa DNR

Mary Losch $28,306 for "Iowa PRAMS" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

Jacqueline Bilyeu-Holmes $9,000 for "Nutrition Outreach/Food and Fitness Initiative" from Winneshiek County Ag Extension District

 Leisl Carr Childers and Bettina Fabos $5,000 for "FORTEPAN Iowa" from Humanities Iowa

Kelly Edmister for $169,989 for "KUNI Radio Grant" from Corp for Public Broadcasting

Vicki Oleson $26,437 for "Making Sense Online" from South East Educational Coop of North Dakota

John DeGroote $7,844 for Spatial Database Development and Training" from City of Dubuque

Kamyar Enshayan $5,400 for "Community Food System Assessment for Grundy County" from Grundy County Board of Health

Olof Steinthorsdottir $5,500 for "Professional Development Iowa Core Mathematics Content" from Iowa Dept of Education

Susan Salterberg $14,679 for "Helping Students Learn to Protect the Environment and Live Well" from Iowa DNR

John DeGroote $4,968 for "GeoTREE" from Iowa DNR

Anita Gordon $1,200 for "Monitoring System (PRAMS) from the Iowa Dept of Public Health

Ariel Aloe $136,225 for "Collaborative Research: Partial and Multilevel Effects of Size in Meta-Analysis" from National Science Foundation

Paul Shand $5,000 for "John Deere/UNI Physics Student Employment Partnership" from John Deere

Alex Oberle $62,847 fro Geographic Alliance of Iowa" from National Geographic Society Education Foundation

Amy Hunzelman $9,000 for "Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass" from Iowa Dept of Cultural Affairs

Allison Pattee $20,000 for "Child Development Center" from Iowa Dept of Education

Cindy Angel $17,000 for "Updating  LOIS" from Iowa Economic Development Authority

Dan Nickey $72,000 for "Iowa Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction Project" from US Dept of Ag

LaDene Bowen $156,013 for "Technical Assistance University Center" from US Dept of Commerce

Christopher Edginton $1,359,406 for "Camp Adventure" from US Dept of Defense

Theron Hitchman $6,250 for "Menger Curvature Flow for Panar Polygons" from Brigham Young University

Kenneth Elgersma $49,960 for "Assessing Ecosystem Services Provided by Restored Wetlands Under Current and Future Climate and Land-Use Scenarios" from University of Michigan

Mary Losch $55,000 for "Iowa Barriers to Prenatal Care" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

Scott Bentley $13,750 for "Impaired Driving Countermeasures" from Iowa Dept of Safety

Kamyar Enshayn and Ashley Craft $326,947 for "GreenAmeriCorp" from Iowa Dept of Economic Development Authority

Daniel Beenken $7,000 for "Establish and Maintain the UNI SBDC" from Iowa State University

Wilfred Johnson $356,909 for "Classic Upward Bound" from US Dept of Education

Joel Haack $19,112 for "Waste Reduction Support" form Black Hawk County

Greg Davies $5,696 for "USA Wrestling Pre-Season Nationals and Folkstyle Nationals" from City of Waterloo

Paul Meyermann $19,583 for "Baker Hall Parking Lot Biocells" from Iowa Dept of Ag & Land Stewardship

Thomas Kessler $24,992 for "Postville Project: Documenting a Community in Transition" from Iowa Dept of Cultural Affairs

Susan Salterberg $13,262 for "The Way We Live: Using eLearning to Reach Teachers" from Iowa DNR

Gene Lutz and Disa Cornish $65,000 for "Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Surveillance & Evaluation" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

William Fleming and Alan Heisterkamp $7,304 for "Needs & Strengths Assessment Tools Development" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

Gene Lutz and Ki Hyung Park $120,000 for "Problem Gambling Treatment Outcomes Monitoring & State of Gambling Attitudes & Behaviors" from Iowa Dept of Public Health

Mary Herring and Daniel Mourlam $2,000 for "Intel Teach Elements Implementation" from American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Nicki McGowan $38,560 for "Reading Recovery Teacher Leader" from AEA 267

Ronald (Joe) Gorton and B. Keith Crew  $18,312 for "Black Hawk County Mental Health Jail Diversion Program-Evaluation" from Iowa Dept of Corrections

Dish Cornish and Mary Losch $64,889 for "Evaluation of the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grant" from Iowa Dept of Human Services

Diane Albertson $30,000 for "Iowa Waste Exchange" from Iowa DNR

Susan Salterberg $30,000 for "Assist & Monitor the Implementation of REAP CEP Grants" from Iowa DNR

Rebecca Kauten $75,000 for "Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program" from Iowa DOT

James McCullagh $88,413 for "DHS Service Training Project" from Iowa State University

Christopher Cox $6,400 for "Interlibrary Loan Reimbursement Program" from State Library of Iowa