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As an ROTC Cadet the training you receive will separate you from your peers through the experiences you have gained while in the program. The opportunities offered in the ROTC program will enhance your ability to lead, think tactically, and handle responsibility. Not only will you gain invaluable skills and experiences throughout your career in ROTC but scholarships and other financial assistance are available to you.



ROTC is not for everyone, just the leaders of tomorrow. The unique program ROTC provides teaches cadets the significance and the magnitude of the ability to lead. While developing as a leader, cadets learn the importance of the role they'll soon take on as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Read more...


Skills Development

While training both in the classroom and out in the field, ROTC cadets obtain skills they will use while leading peers and troops. UNI ROTC Cadre go above and beyond to develop cadets as leaders and provide them the aptitude and knowledge necessary for future success.  Read more...



 Scholarships are available and given to college students and cadets who display qualities of a successful individual. There are many scholarships available and most are eligible. Read more...