Connect Your Device

Trying to get connected? Check out the Connection Guides for instructions and tips to get connected to UNI's network.

Residence Halls, ROTH, and Panther Village Connection Guide

Hillside-Jennings Connection Guide

These are the minimum system requirements to access ResNet's network.
Wireless protocol support:

The following instructions will show you how to connect your Surface RT laptop to UNI's wireless network. As Surface tablets do not have ethernet cables, they are unable to connect to the wired access unless you purchase a USB adapted for your tablet.

At this time, the Xbox One gaming console system does not support the wireless security settings necessary to connect to our Wi-Fi. The Xbox One, however, can connect to our wired network with an Ethernet cable.

Playstation 4 systems 

Here you will find instructions on how to connect your Windows Phone to the wireless network.

Unsure of your operating system or the device you're using? This website  will help you to determine the operating system (OS). You will find it on the button in the top right titled "Operating System."

ResNet Add/Remove Registrations

Most devices that have a web browser can register automatically. If your device does not have a web browser, you must manually register the device. Following are the directions on how to register your device manually.

To begin, open this link, then log in with your CatID username and password. 

Information about registering media devices and game consoles can be found here.

The final step to Internet access is getting it registered. The screens below will appear after you have successfully connected to the network and have tried to visit a website. Your computer will be redirected the the ResNet registration system.

Step 1



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