If you receive the message: "Windows System Error - A duplicate name exists on the network", this means there is another computer with the same name as your computer's on ResNet. Having a duplicate name on the network will not cause you problems with Internet connectivity, but this message will continue to appear.

To change your name on the network:

1. Right click on your My Computer icon and select Properties.

2. Select the tab labled Computer Name and click on the Change button.

Printer does not have power indicator

First, make sure that the printer is on. When a printer is on it should have some light (usually green) indicating it's receiving power and is on.

If you do not have any indicator light make sure the printer is connected to a working power outlet by verifying each end of the power cable. Next, press the printer power button.

Have you connected and went through the XpressConnect process in WiFi-UNI -Setup?

This wizard will configure your device to properly connect to WiFi-UNI.

Do you have the correct login information?

WiFi-UNI uses your CatID login. This login is the one used in computer labs. Please verify that you can login to a computer lab and test your login.

Have you tried different locations?

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