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Xbox 360

Xbox 360s are only able to get internet access over a wired connection and are unable to connect over a wireless connection. Before trying to register, make sure that you have an ethernet cord connecting you Xbox 360 to the port in your room.


Xbox 360s must be manually registered. This is done by finding the MAC address of the console and then using a computer with Internet access to visit the Add/Remove Registrations page. Once you have logged in using your CatID and accepted the ResNet use policy, enter your MAC address. Under the "description" section, be sure to put what kind of game console you are registering. Click here to register. For directions on registering your device manually, click here. Once all the information is completed, it should be approved and you should be able to connect!

Below are the instructions for finding your XBox 360's MAC address.

1. Press the Guide button on your controller.

2. Go to Settings, and then select System Settings.

3. Select Network Settings.

4. Choose Wired Network.

5. Select Configure Network.

6. Go to the Additional Settings tab, and then select Advanced Settings

7. On the advanced settings page, you will see Wired MAC Address listed. This is your MAC address.