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Wii U

Nintendo Wii Us are only able to get internet access over a wired connection and are unable to connect over a wireless connection. Since the Wii does not come with an ethernet port built in, you will have to purchase a wired LAN adapter. The wired LAN adapter is currently available for purchase through the Nintendo store, located here. Before trying to register, make sure ththat you have an ethernet cord connecting your Wii U to the port in your room.


To register your Wii U, you need to find the MAC Address of your Wii U and manually register it. To find the MAC Address, follow these steps:

1. On your Wii U GamePad, go to the Wii U Menu and select System Setting.

2. Choose the option Internet.

2. Select View MAC Address

3. The MAC Address you want to enter is the LAN Adapter MAC Address.

4. Click here to register. For directions on registering your device manually, click here. Once all the information is completed it should be approved and you should be able to connect!

LAN Adapter MAC of 00-00-00-00-00-00

If you get an all 0 MAC address, try these steps to get it connected:

1. Plug the LAN adapter into a computer running Windows. Windows will then install the drivers for the adapter automatically.

2. Connect to the internet through the LAN adapter (make sure another ethernet cable isn't plugged in and that you aren't connected to the wireless).

3. Open your browser and register like you would a computer (make sure you put Wii U as the device description).

4. Plug the LAN adapter back into the Wii U and run a Connection Test.

5. It should be connected!

NOTE: If you are still getting all 0's, you may have a bad LAN adapter. You could send it in to the company who made it to be looked at or get a new one. We suggest only buying from Nintendo, as the off-brand ones seem to not be very reliable. For further help, you can go to Nintendo's site here.