Troubleshoot Wireless

Have you connected and went through the XpressConnect process in WiFi-UNI -Setup?

This wizard will configure your device to properly connect to WiFi-UNI.

Do you have the correct login information?

WiFi-UNI uses your CatID login. This login is the one used in computer labs. Please verify that you can login to a computer lab and test your login.

Have you tried different locations?

The access point you are trying to connect to may be having problems. If your device works in other places you may want to contact the helpdesk to investigate.

Have you tried "forgetting" the WiFi-UNI network?

If a password or setting is wrong and is stored in the WiFi-UNI profile it may be preventing you from connecting. For instructions on how to "forget" your network select your operating system: WindowsMaciOS, and Android.


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