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OS X (Wireless)

To connect to Wi-Fi-UNI, follow these steps:

Enable Your Device's Wireless Card
For directions on enabling your wireless card, click here.

Configure Your Device
Begin by connecting to the WiFi hotspot (SSID) entitled WiFi-UNI-Setup. Visit a web page in your browser, which will redirect you to the image shown on Step 1 below.

Step 1

Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box then click "Next".

Step 2

Select 'Allow' when prompted to allow Java to run the application.

Step 3

Log in using your CatID username and password.

Step 4

If prompted, enter your devices password to make network changes. You may have to click on the red text to open the pop up.

Step 5

Your CatID username and password will be verified.

Step 6

The device will attempt to verify that the settings have been properly configured.

Step 7

Your device has now been configured to access WiFi-UNI. 

Step 8
Continue to the final step to register for Internet access.