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Linux (Wireless)

XpressConnect supports Ubuntu linux. If you have another version of linux, view the manual configuration page.

Begin by connecting to the WiFi hotspot (SSID) entitled WiFi-UNI-Setup. Visit a web page in your browser, which will redirect you to the image shown on Step 1 below.

Step 1

Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box. Then click "Start".

Step 2

Download the XpressConnect-Linux.tar file by navigating to the Ubuntu page on Xpress Connect. 

Step 3

When prompted, check the option to open the file using Archive Manager.

Step 4

Extract files from the archive as shown in the picture above. 

Step 5

Locate the downloaded file and click to "Run in Terminal "

Step 6

Terminal should open confirming the download. 

Step 7

When the download is complete, a window will open prompting you for your CatID username and password. Enter the credentials to obtain wireless access.

Step 8
Continue to the final step to register for Internet access.

Manual Setup:

For some distributions of Linux you may have to resort to manually setting up the network. Information for doing this is found on our Manul Configuration page