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Apple iOS

These are instructions on how to connect an Apple iPhone to UNI's WiFi network.

Step 1
Connect to the wireless network titled WiFi-UNI-Setup

Step 2
Your device will automatically load the page below after connecting to WiFi-UNI-Setup. Check the box accepting the terms and conditions, and press 'Start.'

Step 3
Hit 'OK'

Step 4
On this screen, click 'Install.'

Step 5
Hit 'Install Now.' 

Step 6
If you use a passcode to lock your iPhone, you will be prompted on this screen to enter it. If you don't use a passcode, you will automatically taken to step 7.

Step 7
On this screen, you will need to enter your CatID Username.

Step 8
Enter your CatID Password.

Step 9
After entering your password, you will be brought to this screen. Select 'Done.'

Step 10
Once this has been done successfully, you should be connected to WiFi-UNI. To ensure that you are connected successfully, hit the back button with the title 'General' which will take you back into your general settings (example: left image). Hit back again to return to your Settings page. Click on Wi-Fi, and your screen should resemble the image on the right!