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DOR Employee

An employee of the Department of Residence using a device owned/managed by the DOR.

Printer does not have power indicator

First, make sure that the printer is on. When a printer is on it should have some light (usually green) indicating it's receiving power and is on.

If you do not have any indicator light make sure the printer is connected to a working power outlet by verifying each end of the power cable. Next, press the printer power button.

If a conference guest is calling regarding questions about their conference or internet access, please direct them to:

If a guest would like to register for ResNet access, please direct them to:

If a guest would like to register for internet access on campus, please direct them to:

The following are some tips for power saving:

  • Screensavers do not save energy. Their function these days is reduced to visuals only. Turning off the computer monitor instead of running screensavers saves lots of energy.

Launch Windows Remote Desktop Connection by typing mstsc or remote desktop connection into the start menu search bar.

ResNet was formed in 1998 to provide on-campus students with Internet connectivity, with the goal of providing high-quality Internet access to UNI's residential community. Created as a joint effort between ITS and the Department of Residence, ResNet now serves over 7000 registered devices. Typical services ResNet provides are:


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