Industrial Mathematics PSM Degree at The University of Northern Iowa

What is Industrial Mathematics?

Industrial Mathematics is concerned with applications of mathematical tools to solve industrial problems. Industry relies on mathematical methods for solving problems in the design and optimization of products such as automobiles, communication networks, and financial investment; and production processes and services such as supply chains, logistics and scheduling.

Industrial mathematicians often hold titles such as systems engineer, statistician, financial analyst, operations researcher, or technical consultant, etc.

PSM in Industrial Mathematics

The PSM in Industrial Mathematics gives students a highly focused training in mathematics and statistics for becoming successful professionals in industrial environments. Graduates will:

  • Gain mathematical expertise needed to contribute effectively to industrial problem-solving teams.
  • Become proficient in statistical, computational, simulation and optimization techniques.
  • Develop project management expertise.
  • Be introduced to the business environment, organizational structure, marketing and business ethics.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in an industrial setting.

Program Highlights

  • Specialized courses in Applied Statistics, Quality Improvement, Optimization Methods, System Simulations, Mathematical Modeling, and Computational Mathematics.
  • Emphasis on statistical, computational, simulation and optimization tools such as SAS, MATLAB, ARENA and LINGO.
  • Courses in the fundamentals of business principles and practices, and their interactions with the industrial world.
  • A hands-on experience via an internship and industrial project.

Application, Admission and Assistantship Opportunities

For further information, please e-mail Syed Kirmani, Ph.D., Coordinator of PSM Program in Industrial Mathematics.

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