Student presentation - Ecosystem Management PSM Degree at The University of Northern Iowa

What is Ecosystem Management?

From J. Stan Rowe (1992):

Ecosystem management is "the application of the ecosystem approach in the conservation, management, and restoration of regional and local landscape ecosystems. It means that everyone attends to the conservation and sustainability of ecosystems, instead of sharply focusing on the productivity of individual or competing resources -- which has been our traditional mode of operation."

PSM-EM Curriculum (30 hours)

Restoration Ecology (Fall, 4 hrs.)
• Restoration and management plans; project management
• Native plant materials selection, propagation, and establishment
• Invasive species prevention, detection and control

Advanced Analytical Techniques (Fall, 3 hrs.) and Team Problem Solving (Spring, 3 hrs.)
• Ecosystem management in context of Upper Midwest
• Environmental regulatory frameworks
• Conservation planning; ecological restoration and management
• Effective grant writing, participation in public meetings
• Local government and nonprofit organization governance
• Communications-public speaking and writing for a range of audiences

Advanced Ecology (Spring, 3 hrs.)
• Review, interpretation and synthesis of primary scientific literature
• Heavy writing component

Business Management for Science Professionals (Spring, 3 hrs.)
• Basics of management, finance and accounting

PSM Seminar (Fall and Spring, 1 hr. each)
• Invited speakers in a range of ecosystem management careers;
• Reading and discussion in field of Ecosystem Management

Electives (6-8 hrs. - the following are the most popular)
• Introductory (Fall) Geographic Information Systems (3 hrs.)
• Applied (Spring) Geographic Information Systems (3 hrs.)
• Fire Management in Ecosystems (Spring, 3 hrs.)
• Geomorphology (Fall, 3 hrs.)
• Rivers (Spring, 3 hrs.)
• Other relevant geography courses (credits vary with course)
• Aquatic Ecology (3 hrs.)
• Wildlife Ecology and Management (4 hrs.)
• Conservation Biology (3 hrs.)
• Other relevant biology courses (credits vary with course)

Internship (4-6 credits)
• Internship (or employment) after PSM-EM coursework completion