Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

The Success Metrics

Goal 1: Be a leading undergraduate public university that provides a strong liberal arts foundation

  • G1 Undergraduate Enrollment
  • G1 First Year Retention
  • G1 Six Year Graduation
  • G1 Academic Challenge
  • G1 Student - Faculty Interaction

Goal 2: Provide rigorous and relevant graduate education that meets the needs of graduate students, the university, and the community

  • G2 Graduate Degrees Awarded
  • G2 Graduate Enrollment

Goal 3: Lead the state and nation in pre K-12 education

  • G3 Teacher Graduates

Goal 4: Create and maintain an inclusive educational environment that prepares students to thrive in a diverse global environment

  • G4 Campus Demographics
  • G4 Study Abroad

Goal 5: Enhance the economic, social, cultural, and sustainable development of the state

  • G5 Business and Community Services – UNI Contributors
  • G5 Business and Community Services – Clients

Goal 6: Ensure accountability, affordability, and access

  • G6 Distance Education
  • G6 Four Year Graduation Rate
  • G6 Student Default Rate
  • G6 Sponsored Funding
  • G6 Student Scholarships