Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 3: Lead the state and nation in pre K-12 education

G3.Objective 1 – Focus educator-preparation programs on developing 21st century leader practitioners at all levels

G3.O1.S1 – Recruit, develop and retain nationally recognized faculty

G3.O1.S2 – Collaborate with the Iowa Department of Education to develop a research and development school as a leading demonstration site for innovative evidence-based practice

G3.O1.S3 – Re-examine and adapt educator-preparation programs, formal and non-formal, focusing on 21st century skills and knowledge, and the use of technology


G3.Objective 2 – Expand the ownership of educator preparation to the entire university community 

G3.O2.S1 – Redefine the role of the Teacher Education Office, especially its university-wide responsibilities for educator-preparation programs 

G3.O2.S2 – Redefine the role of the Council of Teacher Education as the leading governance body for university-wide educator preparation

G3.O2.S3 – Promote integration of: the liberal arts, the professional education sequence, educator-preparation majors and minors, and field experiences


G3.Objective 3 – Expand and improve the network of external partners involved in educator-preparation programs

G3.O3.S1 – Establish additional professional-development partnerships with school districts

G3.O3.S2  - Expand the use of advisory board networks

G3.O3.S3 – Ensure a wide range of diverse field experiences for educator preparation students

G3.O3.S4 – Recognize and support external professional partnerships to promote exemplary teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity and engagement