Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Goal 2: Provide rigorous and relevant graduate education that meets the needs of graduate students, the university, and the community

G2.Objective 1 – Hold graduate programs accountable to standards for rigor, relevance, and excellence

G2.O1.S1 – Recognize and support high-quality graduate programs that prepare leaders in their professions and enhance the social, cultural, and economic development of Iowa

G2.O1.S2 - Phase out programs that do not meet the criteria for rigor, relevance, and excellence


G2.Objective 2 – Promote innovation in graduate education

G2.O2.S1 –Develop select graduate distance-education programs to meet the needs of 21st century alternative and distance learners

G2.O2.S2 – Develop new interdisciplinary graduate programs based on current program strengths

G2.O2.S3 – Recruit, develop, and retain faculty distinguished by their creative and intellectually rigorous teaching and scholarship