Leadership and Innovation for the Future:
Transforming Opportunities into Reality

Original Committee Members 2009-2010

First Name Last Name Titlesort icon Department Phone
Christy Twait Assistant Provost for Sponsored Programs Sponsored Programs 3-3217
James O'Connor Assistant Vice President University Marketing & Public Relations 3-2761
Francis Degnin Associate Professor Philosophy & World Religions 3-3015
Kavita Dhanwada Associate Professor Biology 3-5976
Lisa Jepsen Associate Professor Economics 3-2592
Rick Traw Associate Professor Curriculum and Instruction 3-2240
Doug Hotek Associate Professor Industrial Technology 3-2489
Steve Carignan Asst VP & Exec Director of GBPAC GBPAC 3-3665
Michael Hager Asst VP & Executive Dir of Residence Residence Administration 3-2333
Philip Mauceri Dean & Professor CSBS 3-2221
Farzad Moussavi Dean & Professor CBA 3-6240
Kent Sandstrom Dept. Head & Professor Soc, Anthro, & Crim 3-2786
James Walters Dept. Head & Professor Earth Science 3-2707
Jessica Moon Director Honors Program 3-3175
Tom Peterson Director ITS User Services 3-6460
Troy Dannen Director Athletics Administration 3-2470
Shashi Kaparthi Director, Institutional Research & Assoc Professor Institutional Research 3-3050
Susan Baker Drafter Facilities Planning 3-6972
Randy Pilkington Executive Director Business & Community Services 3-6941
Gloria Gibson, Chair Executive Vice President & Provost Executive Vice President & Provost Office 3-2517
Carol Bodensteiner Facilitator Strategic Planning 515-771-6675
Katherine Brown Graduate Student TESOL 3-2748
Kurt Meredith Interim Assistant Provost for Intl Programs & Assoc Professor International Programs 3-6807
Mary Herring Interim Assoc Dean & Assoc Professor COE 3-2719
Sue Joseph Interim Dean & Professor Graduate College 3-2748
Michelle Byers Interim Director Human Resource Services 3-6432
Christopher Neuhaus Library Instruction Coordinator & Assoc Professor Rod Library 3-3718
Jesse Swan Professor English & Faculty Chair 3-2089
Anne Woodrick Professor Soc, Anthro, & Crim 3-6375
Pierre Damien Mvuyekure Professor English Language and Literature 3-5873
Melissa Payne Program Assistant Student Affairs 3-2332
John Streicher Senior Facilities Engineer Facilities Planning 3-6201
Adam Haselhuhn Student Political Communication N/A
Jake Rudy Student Political Science N/A