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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Getting Connected

You can get connected to UNI long before you step foot on campus. The first and second steps should be completed before you come to campus, at least one month before classes begin. 

Step 1: Establish Your University ID Number and Username, and Username and Email

Your University ID number (UID) and username (CatID) must be created before your department can start your hiring paperwork and request your email account. Use the link below to create your UID and CatID.

Create My University ID and CatID

Then call your department and give the secretary your UID. Ask the secretary to request an
early email account set up for you.

Step 2: Log into MyUNIverse and Your Email

When you use the UID and CatID link above and complete the secure form, the screen will display your UID and CatID and will include information on your initial password for MyUNIverse. You will be prompted to reset your password the first time you log into MyUNIverse.

MyUNIverse is a portal for accessing email, pay slips, class lists, and using many other online tools. MyUNIverse can be reached any time from the UNI webpage: look for the “MyUNIverse” tab at the top of any page. Some applications including class lists will not be available until after your new hire paperwork has been processed.


When your email account has been established, your department secretary will let you know. You can then log into your email by choosing the “Email” tab at the top of the UNI webpage. Your password will be the same as your MyUNIverse password.

UNI uses Gmail and is a Google Apps campus.

Using Email
Google Apps


Step 3:  Come to Campus to Submit HR Paperwork and Buy Parking Pass 

As soon as you arrive in Cedar Falls, come to Gilchrist Hall to submit your new hire paperwork and buy a parking pass if needed. Parking passes go on sale on August 1 and summer hours for both the Human Resource Services office (Gilchrist 27) and the parking office (Gilchrist 30) are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Beginning August 17, HRS will be open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm on weekdays and the parking office will be open 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 8:00 am – 5:00 pm on Friday.

Where should I park? You can pay to park in the metered areas to the east and west of Gilchrist Hall or park in the lot for which you intend to buy a parking pass. Please review the parking permit policies and parking map before arriving on campus.  You can purchase a parking permit after you have submitted your new hire paperwork to Human Resource Services.

Note: If you receive a ticket for not having a parking permit on the same day you buy a parking pass for that specific lot, your ticket could be voided. The ticket would need to be brought to the parking officefor verification of your purchase. 

Campus Parking Map 
Parking Permit Information 


Submit New Hire Paperwork

Your new hire paperwork must be completed as soon as possible and no later than your third day of work as required by Federal law. The sooner your new hire paperwork is processed, the sooner you will be able to access your class lists and email through MyUNIverse. 

Submit your paperwork by visiting Human Resource Services (HRS) in Gilchrist Hall Room 27. No appointment is needed.   

To prepare, review the forms below. You will need to provide document(s) that will establish your identity and employment eligibility. For a list of acceptable documents, please see the link to the I-9 form below. All of the forms, with the exception of the I-9, can be filled out ahead of time.*

Personnel Data Form
Federal W-4
State W-4

Direct Deposit Form

I-9 Form

*HRS prefers that new employees do their paperwork in person.  If there are extenuating circumstances and you are unable to come to campus to fill out your new hire paperwork, talk with your department about completing your I-9 remotely with the assistance of a notary.

Remote I-9 Completion Procedure 

Benefits--The benefit package will be presented at New Faculty Orientation in August. You may preview benefits online using the “Benefits and Pay” tab at the top of this page. Benefits paperwork must be submitted within 30 days of your first day of work.

Immigration--If you need US work authorization or need assistance with other immigration issues, contact UNI Immigration Services in the provost’s office as soon as possible. 

Buy a Parking Pass 

After submitting your new hire paperwork, take your employment verification letter to the parking office (Gilchrist 30) and purchase your parking permit. The cost of the parking permit can be deducted from your future payroll or you can pay with cash or check.

See the beginning of Step 3 for additional parking information. 

Step 4:  Set up Your Office

Computer—Your department will arrange for a computer for you. If you need additional assistance setting up your computer, call your college technical representative or the ITS Computer Consulting Center at 273-5555.  For a list of college technical representatives, see the FAQ

Class Lists—Your class lists will be available through the Student Information System (SIS). Once your new hire paperwork is completely processed, you can access SIS through MyUNIverse. Look for Faculty Center under the “Academics” tab.  A SIS training will be included in the August New Faculty Orientation. 

Faculty Center – Student Information System 

Keys and Phone—Your department secretary will set these up for you when you arrive. 

Step 5:  Get Your ID Card 

You will be able to get your UNI ID Card  at the Resource Fair during New Faculty Orientation on Tuesday, August 18. In order to get your UNI ID, however, you will need to have:

1) A University ID number (see Step 1 above)


2) Processed HR paperwork (see Step 3 above) OR your UNI offer letter.  If you have received an email notifying you of your completed Personnel Action Form, you do not need to bring your offer letter.

If you prefer to get your ID at another time, you can request it in person at the Department of Residence (DOR) office at the Redeker Center. The DOR office is open weekdays during the summer from 7:30 am-4:30 pm. Beginning August 17, the hours will be 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Bring your ID number with you.

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