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UNI Education Experts

UNI Election Experts

Lyn Countryman

professor and interim director, Malcolm Price Laboratory School


Topics:  effective teaching, global achievement gap, K-12 science teaching, STEM education

lyn countryman


Donna Hoffman

interim department head and associate professor, political science


Topics:  American politics, Iowa Caucuses, American presidency, presidential-congressional relations, presidential rhetoric, campaigns and elections

Co-authored a book on how the State of the Union address works as a tool of presidential communication. The book's title is "Addressing the State of the Union: The Evolution and the Impact of the President's Big Speech."

Donna Hoffman

Nadene Davidson

interim head and assistant professor, Department of Teaching


Topics: 21st century skills, universal constructs, student teaching/clinical experiences, Iowa Core, education reform, reauthorization of Elementary & Secondary Education Act (formerly No Child Left Behind), student achievement, global achievement, effective teaching

nadene davidson


Justin Holmes 

assistant professor, political science


Topics: Political communication, public opinion, voting behavior, political advertising, political psychology, campaigns and elections, politics and the internet

Justin Holmes

Michele Devlin

professor and director of the Iowa Center for Health Disparities at UNI


Topics: health literacy, multicultural education, cultural competency

Expertise in training and research about culturally competent healthcare and related topics affecting immigrant, refugee, minority and low-income white populations.

michele devlin


Christopher Larimer 

associate professor, political science


Topics:  Public policy, political behavior, state boards, Iowa politics, Iowa Caucuses, state legislature, voter turnout, candidate behavior


Christopher Larimer

Salli Forbes

associate professor, curriculum & instruction and director, UNI Reading Recovery Center


Topics: literacy, reading recovery program



Ramona McNeal 

assistant professor, political science


Topics: Impact of Internet on elections and campaigns, political participation, e-government, campaign finance reform, public policy, health and education policy

Ramona McNeal

Tim Gilson

assistant professor, educational leadership, counseling & postsecondary education


Topics: school consolidation, educational law

tim gilson


Scott Peters 

associate professor, political science


Topics: Law and American politics, selection and retention of state judges, judicial politics, U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Constitution/constitutional law

headshot of Scott Peters

Mary Herring

interim associate dean and associate professor, College of Education


Topics: education reform, teacher accountability, student achievement, effective teachers, technology in education

mary herring 



Dewitt Jones

associate professor, educational leadership, counseling & postsecondary education


Topics: student achievement gap, school law

dewitt jones 



Chris Kliewer

professor, special education


Topics: literacy and communication skills in young children with significant developmental disabilities, inclusive education





Nicholas Pace

associate professor, educational leadership, counseling & postsecondary education


Topics: principal preparation, minorities in school administration, school experiences of gay and lesbian students

Author of "The Principal's Challenge: Learning from Gay and Lesbian Students," (2009).

nick pace 



Victoria Robinson

interim department head, educational leadership, counseling & postsecondary education


Topics: effective teachers, teacher evaluation

vickie robinson 



Clare Struck

instructor, Malcolm Price Laboratory School


Topics: bullying, school counseling in the 21st Century, conflict resolution, character education, democratic learning communities, whole child education

Co-authored "Be a Buddy, Not a Bully!," K-5 bully prevention curriculum linked to the American School Counselor Association Standards

Delivered written and oral testimony for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Reauthorization: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student, for the Senate Committee hearing on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), Washington, DC, 2010.

clare struck 



Jody Stone

professor, Malcolm Price Laboratory School and professor of chemistry and biochemistry


Topics:  effective science teaching, effective teachers, STEM education

jody stone 



Dwight Watson

dean, College of Education


Topics: statewide Research & Development School, multicultural education, urban education, service leadership

dwight watson 



Barry Wilson

associate professor, educational psychology & foundations


Topics: assessment, standards and accountability, education reform, teacher quality

Co-author with John Henning, Frank Kohler and Victoria Robinson of "Improvement of Teacher Quality," by Rowman and Littlefield, 2010.

barry wilson 



Betty Zan

interim director & associate professor, Regents' Center for Early Developmental Education


Topics:  math and science education in early childhood programs, statewide voluntary pre-school for four-year-old children, early learning

betty zan