Presidential Search Process

Actions Requested:  (1) Accept the retirement of Benjamin Allen as President of the University of Northern Iowa effective upon appointment of a successor; and (2) Consider approval of the search process as outlined below. 

  1. Approve duties of the search firm as outlined in Attachment 1.    

  2. Direct the Board Office in consultation with the Board President and President Pro Tem to develop and distribute a Request for Proposals to solicit bids from executive search firms to lead the recruitment process.    

  3. Authorize the Executive Director to enter into a contract with an executive firm following review of the proposals submitted in response to the RFP.

  4. Authorize the Board President and President Pro Tem to appoint a chair (or Co-Chairs) of the UNI Presidential Search and Screen Committee.

  5. Approve duties of the committee as outlined in Attachment 2.

  6. Authorize the Executive Director of the Board of Regents to notify the various constituency groups, as proposed on Attachment 3, to submit nominations to the Board Office for approval at the September 12 meeting of the Board of Regents. 

  7. Establish a university-based website and schedule an open forum at the university to receive comments from the university community and constituents relative to the qualities and characteristics of the next president.  

  8. Instruct the committee and the Board Office to develop a description of the position of President of the University of Northern Iowa including the qualities, knowledge, skills and abilities required for ratification by the Board.

  9. Direct the University of Northern Iowa to establish a fund to pay all expenses of the presidential search.

  10. Authorize the President of the Board to supervise the search process and to be the spokesperson for the Board during the search.