Duties of the Executive Search Firm

  1. To assist and advise the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, in its selection of the President of the University of Northern Iowa.

  2. To assist the University Presidential Search and Screen Advisory Committee (Committee) in conducting the screening and searching for appropriate prospects.

  3. To assist the Committee in conducting a broad advertising campaign, including, but not limited to, the major educational media, affirmative action sources and major state and national media.

  4. To ensure that affirmative action/equal opportunity requirements are met in spirit and in word of the law.

  5. To receive nominations and applications for the President of the University of Northern Iowa.

  6. To provide timely, professional acknowledgments of nominations and other correspondence to prospects.

  7. To ensure that files of all qualified prospects are complete.  Files should include evidence supporting prospects’ claims of meeting the criteria of the Board of Regents.  In all cases, a certified, official copy of the transcripts of all postsecondary education institutions, from which the candidates claim to have been graduated, are to be a part of the files.

  8. To conduct a thorough background search on all final prospects and initial searches on initial prospects.

  9. To assist the Committee in the evaluation of the nominations by submitting a list to the Committee of prospects who meet the Board’s criteria.

  10. To assist the Committee in recommending a final group of three to five prospects, who best meet the Board of Regents’ criteria, and to conduct an extensive background search of the recommended prospects, including, but not limited to, the authentication of all academic credentials and experiences of the prospects.

  11. To certify the willingness of the finalists to serve.