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Policies and Procedures

Review Policy: 9.04 Library Privileges


Monday, September 15, 2014


To specify Library privileges available to the University community and the general public. To specify further other Library privileges available at no cos to certain categores of persons not directly associated with UNI. To specify further an equitable schedule of fees governing use of certain library use of certain Library services by teh general public and by persons not directly associated with UNI who wish to pay for use of those services.

Policy Statement:

1. University Persons:

The UNI community includes graduate students, undergraduate students, distance education students, faculty, professional staff and scientific staff, and merit staff at the University of Northern Iowa. Library privileges availale to persons belonging to the UNI community, as here defined, include the following:

A. Borrowing Privileges

1. To borrow material from the UNI Library, all people affiliated with UNI must present an UNI identification card at the time of checkout or scan their fingerprint if they have registered with the Department of Residence

2. A general description of Library circulation services and fines for the University community follows.

The listed checkout periods apply to undergraduate students and merit staff only. Graduate students, faculty members, and professional staff have extended loans on books from the stacks and government documents. Graduate students may check out these books until the end of the current semester, and faculty members and professional and scientific staff until the end of the academic year. However, if another patron requests a book that is out on an extended loan, the extension is canceled and the book is recalled with a new due date. Faculty and professional and scientific staff members are charged over due fines only for current and bound periodicals, ILL items, video and DVD items, and recalled items. All patron categories are charged with replacement, overdue and billing fees for lost items. 

Collections with 3-week Loan/3 week renewals, to End of Semester $.25 per day overdue fine/$.50 per day recall fine

  • Main Collections

  • Government Documents

  • Oversize Books 

Collections with 3-week Loan/One 3-week Renewal/$.25 per day overdue fine/$.50 per day recall Oversize Books

  • Browsing Books

Collections with 3-week Loan/One 1-week Renewal/$.25 per day overdue fine/$.50 per day recall fine

  • Career Collection

  • Sound Recording

  • Maps 

Collection with 7-day Loan/One 3-day Renewal/$.50 per day overdue fine/$.50 per day recall fine

  • Youth Books 

Collections with 1-day Loan/No Renewals/$1.00 per day overdue fine/$.50 per day recall fine

  • Bound Periodicals

Collection with 7-day Loan/One Renewal/$2.00 per day overdue fine 

  • Videos/DVDs/Blu Rays

Collection with Special permission (1 day check out/No renewals/$1.00 per day overdue fine)

  • Current Periodical 

Collections with Building Use Only

  • Desk Newspaper

  • Microfilm/Microfiche

  • Permanent Reserves

  • Special Collections and University Archives

A list of other items/services available to various groups of UNI individuals is found below.

  • Course Reserves (available only to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students)

    2-hour anywhere, 2-hour Building Use Only, or 3-day Loan/No Renewals/$1.00 per hour overdue fine

  • Study Room Keys (available only to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students and currently employed faculty and staff)

    3-hour Loan/Once, for 1 Hour/$2.00 per hour overdue fine/$25 replacement fee

  • Lockers (available only to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students)

    Semester Loan/No Renewals/$.25 per day overdue fine

  • Student Laptop Computer (only available to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students)
    1-3 hour checkout with 1-1 hour renewal/$5.00 per hour over due fine 

4. The following is a list of circulation limits for categories of UNI individuals. 

The following limits apply to the numbers of items library users of various patron categories may have checked out at one time. When the limit is reached the user's circulation privileges will be "Blocked" until some of the checked out items are returned. At the time, the use may once again check out items up to the limit specified.

Faculty and P&S - 100 items

Graduate students - 75 items

Undergraduate students - 50 items

Merit staff - 25 items 

B. Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges 

Students, staff, and faculty from three Regents universities have reciprocal borrowing privileges; that is, anyone from UNI, Iowa State, or the University of Iowa may check out materials at the other two universities, subject to the regulations of the lending institution. Persons from Iowa or Iowa State wishing to borrow material from UNI's Rod Library need only present their school ID with current registration at the Circulation Desk. All library patrons must have a patron information record entered into UNISTAR.

C. Renewal Privileges

Books from the stacks and from government documents may be renewed for three weeks at at time thorugh the end of the current semester. Browsing may be renewed once for one week. Youth books may be renewed once, for three days. Study room keys may be renewed once, for one hour (only if other rooms are available). Bound periodicals, material, and items that have ben requested by other patrons may not be renewed. Library items may be renewed by phone, mail, in person, or through My Library Account on the Library's web site. 

D. Recall and Holds Privileges

Books out on extended loan can be recalled. The item is recalled with a new due date. From one to three weeks will be allowed for the book's return, depending upon when it was originally checked out. Items needed for Course Reserves are recalled immediately. If an item is checked out with a normal loan period, a hold on the item can be placed. Once a hold is placed on an item, a recall notice is sent to the person who has it. That person is entitled to keep the book for a full three-week loan period. A notice is sent by email once the book is returned and becomes available. A pick-up deadline will be stated on the notice. If the item is not picked up by the deadline, the item will be returned to the shelves. Youth books and bound periodicals may not be held. 

E. Search Privileges

If the item is not on the shelves, patrons may come to the Circulation Desk and request a search for the item. You must bring your UNI ID and the item's call number. Library staff members will begin looking for the item before 1:00 p.m. on the following weekday. If the item is found at that time, or on subsequent searches, it will be held at the Circulation Desk and you will be notified by email. Youth books, and bound periodicals material are immediately filed back on the shelves and no notices for these items are sent. 

G. Remote Access to Electronic Databases Privileges:

The University community has access to the Rod Library's electronic databases remotely by accessing the Library's homepage and entering, when prompted, the Cat ID.

2. General Public

A. The general public may, at no cost, use most Rod Library collections within the Rod Library building. This privilege includes circulation of these material for use outside the building. Off campus access to licensed database is not available.

B. The following categories of individuals will receive at no cost equivalent Rod Library Privileges granted to regular UNI employees:

  1. Temporary UNI employees who are not eligible for permanent identification cards.

  2. Visiting faculty, researchers or scholars who are not currently enrolled students, but who are sponsored by a University Department or other program.

  3. Registered Emeritus faculty recieve remote access to licensed electronic resources. Retirees do not.

C. Minors will not be issued a library courtesy card unless they fall into the following catetories

  1. High school students who are recommended in writing by their school librarians

  2. Home schooled high school students who are recommended in writing by their parent or guardian.

  3. Minors enrolled at Hawkeye Community College

The Library Visitor Courtesy Card permits the person with the card to use the following materials as indicated, subject to the loan periods and fine rates specified, and subject to immediate recall whenever a UNI person requests an item that the Non UNI person has checked out. In addition to any applicable overdue fines, a recall fine of $.50 per day is charged for non-response to recall. Non UNI persons are limited to having no more than 10 items checked out at a given time. 

Library privileges available to persons using the Library Visitor Courtesy Card include the following services:

Collections with 3 week Loan/One 1-week Renewal/$.25 per day fine

  • Main Collection

  • Career Collection

  • Government Documents

  • Maps

  • Oversize Books

  • Sound Recordings

Collections with 3 -week Loan/One 3 - week Renewal/$.25 per day fine

  • Browsing Books

Collections with 1-day Loan/No Renewals/$1.00 per day fine

  • Bound Periodicals

Collections with Building Use Only

  • Current Periodical

  • Desk Newspaper

  • Microfilm/Microfiche

  • Permanent Reserves

Collection with 7-day Loan/One Renewal/$2.00 per day fine

  • Videos/DVDs/Blu Ray

Collection with 3 Hour Loan/One Renewal/$5.00 per hour overdue fine

  • Study Room Keys

The Library Visitory Courtesy Card does not include privileges of use of youth collection materials, course reserve materials, interlibrary loan service, and recall service. This card does not include remote access to licensed electronic resources. 

Procedures for Acquisition of a Library Visitory Courtesy Card:

Non-UNI persons who wish to obtain Rod Library visitor privileges may register at the main Circulation Desk

Rod Library approved, 1/2/08, rev. 8/21/09, 10/2/09, 8/26/10


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