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Policies and Procedures

9.24 Casualty Loss Claims

Under paragraph 29C.20 of the State of Iowa Code the Executive Council is allocated funds to cover casualty loss claims experienced at state owned properties. Procedures for filing of such claims require the immediate notification of the State Board of Regents Office followed by a number of reports, cost estimates of losses, and actual claims presented to the Executive Council for action. Casualty loss claims include "...repairing, rebuilding, or restoring state property, injured, destroyed, or lost by fire, storm, theft, or unavoidable cause...".

Casualty loss claims will be considered by the Executive Council for any claims estimated to exceed $5,000 in any one occurrence or an annual aggregate loss which exceeds $10,000. Notification must be given by the end of the next working day following the incident to qualify for a claim.

Reports on casualty loss should be made to the Director of Business Services who will notify the Board of Regents Office immediately and proceed with preparing the appropriate reports and the filing of claims.

Vice-President for Administrative Services