8.07 Commercial Sales and Solicitation On Campus


To establish policy for approving commercial sales and other solicitation activities on campus. Note: General public announcements and poster displays are not considered "solicitations" under this policy (see UNI’s 8.05 Display of Posters and Announcements policy).

Policy Statement:

Sales persons or agents for any product, service, proposition, or cause are prohibited from soliciting employees or students on University property or by campus mail systems. This prohibition applies to employees and students as well as off campus organizations and individuals.

Exceptions may be granted, in writing, by the VP for Administration and Finance and the VP for Educational and Student Services or their designee(s) under the following circumstances:

  1. When the sale of merchandise is affiliated with an official university sponsored event or celebration, or

  2. When the solicitation/sale is an integral and sanctioned part of the University’s educational, research, public service mission or when necessary to facilitate internal support activities (e.g. open enrollment for the university health plan).


Commercial Sales

Authorization for exceptions must be in writing and approved by:

VP for Administration and Finance (when it relates to employees);

VP for Educational and Student Services (when it relates to students);

Director of Residence (residence system facilities);

Director of Maucker Union (Maucker Union facilities);

Associate Athletic Director/Business Services (UNI-Dome).

Questions on policy application and exceptions should be addressed to the VP for Administration and Finance.

Other Solicitation

Permission may be granted by the VP for Administration and Finance for solicitation of employees by charitable organizations if all of the following circumstances are present:

  1. The charitable organization submits documentation of its tax-exempt status as provided in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  2. The solicitation is conducted through the University’s mail system(s), or once a year through a coordinated campaign of all eligible organizations meeting the conditions, and giving written notice to the University of the desire to participate at least 120 days prior to the campaign period.

  3. The charitable organization pays any administrative and out-of-pocket costs associated with using the University mail system(s) or other University facilities/services.

  4. The solicitation occurs only once in any calendar year and does not interfere with normal university operations.No solicitation using the University’s facilities may occur except as described above. However, any eligible charitable organization may arrange under the conditions identified above to conduct information sessions at which no solicitation occurs, and at such times and places and in such manner as the University deems reasonable.

An eligible charitable organization acting pursuant to these rules may use the payroll deduction system described in the Code of Iowa only if qualified under the terms of those provisions and only if the University’s payroll system has available capacity.

Office of Vice President for Administration and Finance; and,
Office of Vice President for Educational and Student Services Approved, 1/11/99 President’s Cabinet Approved, 4/05/99